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  Prince of Peace Catholic Radio is an affiliate of EWTN’s Global Catholic Radio. Our entire programming is from EWTN’s daily radio broadcast.  

Catholic Radio is bringing people closer to God, or back to the Church, or into the Church for the first time, or back to the Sacraments after having been gone for 20, 30, 40 years, or more! People who say that hearing our Faith on the air has saved their marriage, saved their baby or saved their life.

People who intended to end their life, but 'accidentally' stumbled on Catholic Radio and heard just what they needed in order to turn their life around.  One woman drove to a lonely place intending to end her life. She reached over to turn up the volume on her music station and accidentally turned the dial hearing Fr. Corapi talking about suicide. She called to thank Catholic Radio for saving her life.  

 Fr. Mitch Pacwa says that one third of listeners to Catholic Radio are non-Catholics! Fr. Jack Barrow says that Catholic Radio has the power to reach thousands on a daily basis! There are over 2,400 Protestant stations and only 140 Catholic stations around the U.S.

 Catholic Radio bears so much good fruit. God knows the souls that are being saved. How else do we reach fallen-away Catholics, non-Catholics and the un-churched? If one soul is saved, one fallen-away Catholic return, or just one convert to Catholicism, all the challenges and spiritual warfare will be worth it!

Our operational costs are local and dependent on you, faithful Catholics. We are not supported by , EWTN, local parishes, or the diocese. Our broadcast ministry costs $2,128.33 per month. Become a faith partner with Prince of Peace Catholic Radio. We need you more than you can imagine.Please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly supporter keeping Catholic Radio on the air in this area. Jesus said –“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”Mk.16:15.

Be a part of this Catholic outreach to a world that has gone totally mad!

Imagine the lives you too could be impacting on a daily basis! 


Know your Faith - Grow your Faith - Spread your Faith! 


YES!  I want to help keep CATHOLIC RADIO on the Air! 


Contributions are Tax Deductible. Please make check payable to and mail to:

Prince of Peace Catholic Radio, PO Box 1711, Palm City, FL 34991

Phone: (772) 219-1144 or  E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Credit Card processing is now being set up. Please check back here soon for an update. Thank you for supporting your Catholic Radio Station, WJPP.

WJPP 2011 Operating Budget

WJPP is a 501C3 tax Deductible Florida Corporation.

WJPP operates with Volunteers, we have no salaried employees.

There are No office or Director Fees paid. All the money received by

WJPP goes directly to the Expenses listed below.

WJPP 2011 Operating Budget



Accounting & Tax Return 501C 3



Dues and Subscriptions FCC fees and State fees






Internet (Transmitter) STL Comcast









Misc Expense



Music Fees (ASCA, BMI SESAC)






Repair and Maintenance (Reserve)






Tower Rent








Total Expenses



Net Budget




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